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Genealogy information

Two ancestors, Richard Warren and John Billington, arrived on the Mayflower.

Researched names include Carlsdotter, Carlson, Couch, Hart, Hempftling, Hogberg, Jackson, Johnson, Kuhn, Little, Lundquist, Magnusdotter, Nilsdotter, Olson, Tolve, Utberg, and more.

I am seeking information on ancestors born in Haeslach Oberant, Tubingen, Wurtemberg, Germany.

The LDS reel number for our genealogy is #1597513, Items 1-4. This microfilm reel is available at Family History Libraries of the Mormon Church. Some of the names are Warren, Billington, Hoar, Hart, Jackson, Kuhn, Hempftling, Lundquist, Tolve, and Carlson.

Another reel, #1597875, Items 1-5, also has info on the families of the people in our genealogy. Some of the names of the families on this reel are Peach, Rohlfing, Davis, Buethe, Utberg, Couch, Carlson, Pfund, Rethschlag, Kuhn, and Hempftling.

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