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Ancestor information

Ferdinand Ludwig Kuhn and Victoria Olivia Tolve (Tolf)

Fred (Ferdinand) Kuhn was born October 30, 1858 in Hay Creek Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota.  His father was John J. Kuhn.; and his mother was Christina Hempftling, both born in Germany.  Fred's siblings were, William (1856), Lucy (1861), Christine (1864), Amalie (1867), Rosina (Rose) (1869) and Lena (1872). 

Victoria Tolve was born September 11, 1861 in Attica, Indiana.  Her father was Carl Tolve and her mother was Christina Magnusdotter, both born in Sweden.  Victoria’s siblings were Hattie (Hedda) (1855), Charles (Carl) (1857), Frank (1859), Philip (1864) and Matilda (1867). 

Fred and Victoria were married November 15, 1881 in Red Wing.  They resided at 524 West Avenue.  They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on November 15, 1931.  At that time, Fred passed the gold headed cane to his son, Arthur.  Fred had received the gold headed cane from his father, John J. Kuhn.; when John J. and his wife, Christine Hempftling, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on May 8, 1903. 

Fred and Victoria celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary November 15, 1941 with an open house.  It was held at the home of their son and daughter-in-law, John and Gladys Kuhn, 714 Bluff St. where Fred and Victoria were living. 

Victoria passed away December 17, 1942.  Fred passed away November 14, 1946 after being bed ridden for nine years from a stroke which paralyzed his left side.

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