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DeWitt Clinton Jackson and Cynthia Ann Couch

DeWitt Clinton Jackson was born June 2, 1857 in Watertown, NY.  He was the son of William W. Jackson, born in England in 1830 and Cornelia Ann Hart , born in Lorraine, Jefferson County, NY., in August of 1835.  William W. Jackson died in March, 1866, and was buried in the “Old Ground” of Brookside Cemetery in Watertown, NY.  The other children of this marriage were Hattie (1862) and Carrie (1865).

Cornelia Hart Jackson, a widow with three children, went to Cleveland, Minnesota, and married Hiram C. Smith, a widower with one son.  From that union came Vincent (1868), George Hiram (1871) and Lenora (1873).  Cornelia died Sept. 16, 1874.  She was buried in the Savidge Cemetery, which is just west of Cleveland, MN.

DeWitt Jackson and Cynthia Ann Couch were married by Rev. Charles W. Savidge on March 4, 1880 in Mankato, MN.  The B. Y. Couch family and Hiram Smith family lived on neighboring farms.

In the 1880 U. S. Census DeWitt Jackson was listed as owning 12 acres of land valued at $250.  He owned two horses and one milk cow, one calf, one pig and 6 chickens.  By contrast, his father-in-law, B.Y. Couch, owned 150 acres of land valued at $4,000.  He owned four mules, two cows, one calf, seven sheep and 20 chickens.  Hiram Smith owned 34 acres valued at $500.  He owned two horses, one milk cow, seven pigs, and twenty-five chickens.

In 1896 D. C. Jackson owned 80 acres located in the west 1/2 of the southeast quarter of Section 15, Cleveland Township, LeSueur County, MN.

My Jackson grandparents had six children.  They were: Bartlett DeWitt (1881), Cornelia Ann (1882), Grace Thankful and Daisy Goldie (1885), Chester Orrin (1888), and Doris Maude (1896).

The Jacksons sold the farm and moved to 4617-33rd Ave S., in Minneapolis, in Sept., 1928.  They both died in Minneapolis and were buried in the Savidge Cemetery west of Cleveland, MN.  DeWitt died Jan 19, 1933.  Cynthia died July 12, 1932.

I have a copy of "Don Quixote" which was purchased for $1.25 in 1879.  DeWitt Jackson presented it to Miss Cynthia Couch Dec 25, 1879.

DeWitt Jackson was a farmer, as was his father before him.  My father said that his father worked awfully hard on the farm.  My memories of D. C. Jackson were that he was slightly stooped, fairly tall, not overweight, and he walked with a gold headed cane in his last years.

Cynthia Ann Couch was born in the Minnesota Territory on Aug 4, 1856.  She was said to have been the first white girl born in the western part of LeSueur County.  Her parents were Bartlett Yancey Couch (1824) and Nancy Jane Little (1828), both born in Guilford County, North Carolina.  The Couch family was among the first settlers to locate in that portion of the Big Woods. 

Their children were Clara Emeline (1849-N.C.), Thankful O. (1850-died N.C.), Jabez Lee (1852-N.C.), George Milton (1854-Ill), and the children born in Minnesota, Cynthia Ann (1856), Joseph Orin (1858), Hugh L. (1861), John Rufus (1864), Lucy Thankful (1868) and Bartlett Yancey (1870).

My memories of my grandmother are that she was short in height (about five feet tall), had a small build and moved quickly.  She wore glasses.  When we visited them, she made small individual pies for my sister and me.  When we were getting ready to go home at the end of the a visit, my grandmother would ask my father what chicken he wanted.  Then she would catch it and put it in a crate to take back to Minneapolis.  My father, upon arriving home, would take the chicken out to our driveway by the garage and chop off its head.  The chicken would run around without its head for a bit.  We children thought this was hilarious.

When my grandparents lived in Minneapolis, I can remember my parents picking them up in the car and taking them for an afternoon ride in the country.  My father would stop at a tiny country store and ask each of us what we wanted to drink.  My grandmother always asked for non-carbonated grape pop as she didn't like "fizzy" drinks.

Bartlett Yancey Couch was born May 6, 1824 in Guilford County, NC. His parents were Joseph Couch (1784) and Sarah (Sally) Williams (1790).  Joseph Couch was born in Kent County, Delaware, Sarah Williams in Guilford County, NC.

Nancy Jane Little was born July 19, 1828 in Guilford County, NC. her parents were Hugh Little, born in 1800 in Beaufort County, NC, and Thankful Sullivan, born in 1801 in Guilford County, NC.

B. Y. Couch and Nancy Jane Little were married Feb. 12, 1848 in Guilford County, NC, according to a Marriage Bond.  They had three children born in N.C. - Clara Emeline (1849), Thankful O. (1850-1854) and Jabez Lee (1852).

Joseph Couch apparently didn't want his sons to leave the area until he died.  After his death in 1853, B.Y. and Nancy Couch left Guilford County in a covered wagon pulled by horses.  They left in early fall of 1853 and went to Illinois where they camped.  George Milton was born in the covered wagon Jan. 16, 1854.  B. Y. was very ill while in Illinois.  When he recovered it was late fall, but they couldn't delay going on.  So they loaded up the covered wagon again with the addition of a new baby, two buffalo robes, a canvas tent, and a cow.  The wagon was pulled by slower moving oxen instead of the horses they had started with on their journey west, because the oxen would be used for plowing the virgin prairie.

Bartlett Yancey Couch was born at Guilford, North Carolina, May 6, 1824.  Nancy Jane Little was born at Guilford, North Carolina, July 1828.


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