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Aurora Cecelia Lundquist

Aurora C. Lundquist.; was born born April 22, 1887, in Red Wing, Minnesota.  Her father was Andrew August Lundquist born May 7, 1859, in Svanskog, Värmland, Sweden.  Her mother was Nancy Amelia Carlson, born September 28, 1862, in Vasa Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota. 

Aurora was the second of three children born to Andrew and Nancy.  Archibald D'Alton, in 1884, died at two months of age and Andrew Aurelius, known as Andy, in 1889. 

She had a strong interest in music and graduated from the Lutheran Ladies Seminary in Red Wing on June 10, 1908.  Aurora was assistant piano instructor at the Seminary. 

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After her graduation from Lutheran Ladies Seminary, she gave private piano lessons for many years.  She also played piano with several local orchestral organizations and for silent movies.  For a number of years, she was organist and choir director at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

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