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Cynthia Couch Jackson Speech, June, 1930

Old Friends and Dear Friends, 

It is not only a great pleasure but an inspiration to be with so many of my old friends on this occasion.  Being the first white child to be born in Cleveland Township, I have been asked to say a few words of the earlier days and settlers. 

My father, B.Y. Couch, came to Minnesota with his wife and three children, Clara, Jabe, and Milton, in the Fall of 1854.  He settled in what is known as the big woods.  He came all the way from North Carolina with ox team.  They were just blazing the way for the Dodd Road.  The first winter they lived in a log shack without doors and windows.  Three hundred Indian trapes (probably teepees A.J.K.) camped around the shack that first winter. 

Father had the first sawmill and Blacksmith Shop. 

Mother kept the first Post Office in a log cabin.  Grandville, its name, was painted on a board with lampblack and hung up in the sawmill over the entrance. 

Cleveland was unknown at that time.  We lived two miles east of Cleveland. 

Charlie Montgomeryís father held the first Christian service in motherís house, that was held in that community. 

I myself was the first white baby girl born in Cleveland Township.   

We must not forget the little log church.  It was built long before the Civil War in the wild wood.  It seems it was the first thing our parents thought of.  People came from far and near to hear the preaching and to take part in the singing of the hymns.  The Thayers, Misses, Johnsons, and my sister, Clara, led the singing. 

The first death among us was Israel Thayer.  They did not know where to bury him so they laid him to rest on one of the bluffs near St. Peter. 

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I will be 74 years old. 

I hope to be with you another 74 years. 

I thank you. 


(Speech by Cynthia Couch Jackson at the Le Center Park Old Settlerís Picnic, June 1930. Cynthia Ann Couch was born in 1856, in Cleveland, in the Minnesota Territory.  She married Dewitt Clinton Jackson in 1880.  One of their children was Chester Orrin Jackson, who was born in 1888.  Cynthia Couch Jackson died in 1932, in Minneapolis, MN.)


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