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Cadiz. Spain. Cadiz is pronounced "car if", with emphasis on "car". Cadiz claims to be the oldest city in Europe, with its establishment in 1,100 BC by the Phonecians. As with other areas of the Mediterranean, wars have been a prominent part of the cities history. The Carthaginians captured the city in 501BC. They lost it to the Romans in 201 BC. The Visigoths destroyed the city in the 5th century AD. In 711 AD the Moors took the city and rebuilt it. King Alfonso X captured the city in 1262. Sir Francis Drake raided the city in 1587, and in 1596 an English fleet plundered the city. French naval forces took control for two years, beginning in 1810.

Building renovations are continuing to find artifacts from centuries BC. Spain has the lowest birth rate (1.3/mother) in the world. As in other societies with a low birth rate, there are concerns about who will care for the elderly. A Roman aqueduct 61km long supplies water to the city.

Cadiz lies at the tip of a narrow isthmus. Much of Spain's trade with North and South America passes through Cadiz. The very narrow (one car width) cobblestone side streets are mostly used by pedestrians. Only a few main roads near the bay are wide enough for trucks and buses.

Out tour bus drove around the outside of Old Town, showing us the highlights. We then, as a group, walked around Old Town, with its narrow streets. It's quite unique and attractive. Being in Cadiz is like being at a live travel show. :-)

We saw a Flamenco show, with gypsy music, singing, and dancing. High energy! After our tour we did a lot of walking in Old Town.

Photo 747 is a gold float for religious events.
Photo 797 is a flamenco dancer.
Photo 809 is a blooming tree.
Photo 886 is the entrance to a house in Old Town.
Photo 917 is a decorated bench.
Photo 919 is an old, large tree.
Photo 925 is a pretty fountain.

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