European Cruise

Istanbul-Turkey Varna-Bulgaria Odessa-Ukraine Sevastopol-Ukraine
Ephesus-Turkey Rhodes-Greece Limassol-Cyprus Cairo-Egypt
Athens-Greece Kusadasi-Turkey Santorini-Greece Messina-Sicily
Naples-Pompeii-Italy Rome-Italy Monte Carlo-Monaco Marseille-France
Barcelona-Spain Cadiz-Spain Lisbon-Portugal Paris-France
London-England People Ship General Items

Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, has a population of one million people. Much of the city was destroyed in 1775 by an earthquake. After being rebuilt, it looks like graffiti artists are trying to destroy the city. There is graffiti everywhere.

We took a tour to Cascals and Sintra. Both are small towns outside of Lisbon. Both of these towns have really narrow streets/walking paths with shopping for tourists. Cascals has a couple of streets/walking paths with small bricks. Dark and light colored bricks make a repeating wave pattern. The pattern is a large optical illusion. The street is flat but the pattern makes it appear that there are high areas and low areas. We stopped in a small café/bar with a beautiful view of the bay, and made friends with the manager.

Sintra is a quaint town with very narrow walking paths. It is known for special pastry items, so we found a bakery and tried two pastries. One of the pastries (see photo) was to die for. It took great will power to keep from buying and eating all the quantity on the tray.

Back in Lisbon we saw the Palace of Queluz, built in the style of Versailles. It is beautiful, inside and out.

Lisbon needed a long bridge over the wide river, so they held a contest. The winner was the American company that designed the San Francisco Bay Bridge, so this bridge looks almost the same.

Lisbon copied the resurrected Christ statue in South America, but this version is slightly smaller.

We set our clocks ahead one hour tonight, after one hour back last night. This is only for France, because after we visit Paris, we again set the clocks back one hour. France must straddle two time zones, and choose to be in one. They chose the time zone that the British are not in.

Photo 3970 is the wavy pattern in the street
Photo 4007 is the delicious pastry
Photo 4023 is the typical walking path
Photo 4160 is the Palace of Queluz
Photo 4169 is Mary taking photos!
Photo 0870 is at the bakery
Photo 0009 shows the bridge and the resurrected Christ statue

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