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Naples-Pompeii-Italy Rome-Italy Monte Carlo-Monaco Marseille-France
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Marseille, France. Out port is the largest port in the Mediterranean Sea. There are cold winters here, unlike the French Riviera. There are high winds and low rainfall, so water must come through canals from the Alps. Pathways to the top of the mountain are closed in the summer because of fire risk.

There are 1.5 million residents; the same as in 1960. Marseille is the most ancient town in France. It was established in the 6th century BC by Greece. Greece introduced the olive tree.

Bits of information: People work 35hr/week and have six weeks vacation. Usually two weeks are taken in August. People pay 30% of their salary for medical care; it is free for people over 65. There are more older people and fewer younger people, so health reform is needed but is politically difficult (sounds like home). Because of the Plague and Cholera, families made their own wine to avoid drinking the untreated water. Each region has its own type of grape and must use only that type for wine. Elm trees have died, so "plain" trees were planted. Plain trees are like Sycamore. In the 6th century over 3,000 Protestants were killed by Catholics, so Protestants hid in this mountainous area. Thus, this area is more Protestant than the rest of France.

Bonnieux is a small, beautiful, mountain village.

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