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Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
Last night was the worst night for my cold. I thought I was going to die (just kidding). You know
how that feels. Strong, frequent coughs, severe congestion, and rapid, shallow, breathing. My home remedies weren't working. The cold was winning; I was getting sicker. I wanted to stop that downward slide towards the casket, so I decided to stay on the ship and not use my tour to see Rome. That's an expensive loss, but my health is more valuable. Mary went on the tour of Rome. The tour is 10 1/2 hours, so I am resting and napping.

I went to see the ship's doctor. He is young, tall, handsome, and has a short haircut. Sorry girls,
but he is married and has two small children. I saw him yesterday in the restaurant with his
children, so I asked him about his family. His is on the ship for one month, and his wife and
children are with him. He has short hours so hopefully he and his family can get off the ship at
every port.

My temperature is good; my blood pressure is excellent; and my lungs are clear. J
I need to send an email to the undertaker to cancel the casket. I have a viral infection, so
antibiotics won't help, and the antiviral medication used by the doctor only works if given within
the first 48 hours. So, I am left with treating symptoms, without being subjected to a quarantine.
J The doctor gave me an inhaler, a liquid expectorant and cough suppressant, decongestant, and
throat lozenges. That, plus a box of nose tissue each day, will get me through the coming days. Oh,
I wanted to mention that all eight people (four couples) at our dinner table are coughing, as well
as MANY people on tours and around the ship. That must be the price to pay for being in close
quarters with so many people while enjoying such a wonderful trip.

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